How can we setup an email alert to go off when our server cpu hits 50% for more than 5 minutes at one time?
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You can use Dell Openmanage server administrator for free on the server and you can then configure an SMTP trap to send an email alert when certain conditions are met.

this is the user guide to Open manage

It covers the basics of setting up the SMTP information

This is the application

All so they offer a more robust tool in the Management station and it is free as well you can down load it from

here is a user guide for that as well

I will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have in text here but if you choose to use these products it has been my experiance that Dell will help you configure them for free on your server over the phone or even by remote control.  being as they are free as is thier manufacturer support this may be the most cost efective and timely solution to your issue.
there are a number of monitoring softwares out there what type of server is it the manufacturer might have a free monitoring tool.
webiisAuthor Commented:
dell poweredge server. i might just use microsoft system essentials. we are microsoft partners so that may be the best route.
I'll get back here with specific steps to do this but the general solution appears to be as follows...

Set up a program called "SpeedFan" on the server.  This allows you to run commands when certain conditions are met.  You can set it up so when your CPU hits X temperature you run a batch file.  It can check ( I believe and will set this up on my machine to test it ) against this condition every X amount of time.  So you can specify it to check every 2.5 minutes to see if the temp is above 50%.  Then run a batch file to do the rest of what you desire...

SpeedFan Link: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

As far as sending the email, I'm assuming you're sending it as a notification that this event has occurred and don't care so much about exactly what the temp is and for how long...

There is already a thread here on EE (and I'm sure there are others) about sending an email via a VBScript.  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Misc/Q_20431995.html

That's it in theory, I will test all this and post back with more specifics, but if you want to work on this immediately that should get you started.

Provide more details if possible, like what mail client you're running, how you want to send the email, what server OS you're running... Windows 2003 Server?
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