Can I install SCCM in a server with SharePoint Services 3.0?

I have a Windows 2003 Standard R2 SP2 32 Bits with:
Sharepoint Services 3.0
SQL 2005 with SP2.
It has 4Gb of Ram
I want to install SCCM SP1 on this Machine, is this configuration supported?
Can this be done?
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GreatGermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't look like this would impact you since you already have WSS installed.  When checking around I saw a few examples like the link you just posted, but they were all SBS and didn't have WSS installed first.  
You easily meet the requirements for SCCM as long as that is your primary server.  Just understand that if your WSS is heavily used you can see lower performance during updates.
Yes that should work....the only tricky part i see is the IIS Server (Sharepoint and Reporting Point/WSUS...)

You can use the SQL Server as base for the SCCM...
QUIMMCOITAuthor Commented:
SCCM uses WSUS 3.0, I read that this causes problems between WSS and WSUS, but this problem was posted regarding a SmallBusiness Server, do this problems also apply to my configuration?
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