>>> will 1995 mercedes s420 wheels fit 2000 volkswagen passat?

Hi Guys,

I'm thinking about buying a 2000 VW Passat and I have some 20 inch chrome wheels that I have on a 1995 Mercedes S420.

The wheel pattern is the same.  5x112 (5 lugs spaced 112 apart from each other).  

However, it looks there's something called a 'center bore' on the Passat.  Check it out: http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/Volkswagon___Vehicle_Bolt_Pattern_Reference.cfm 

Will they fit or won't they?

I would REALLY appreciate any insight you have into this.

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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looking at
your 1995 mercedes s420 wheels dont have a 'center bore', just a bulge, thus probably wont fit unless yours are alloy & have a 'center bore' 57.1 or larger.
But some Passat wheels dont have a 'center bore', just a bulge.
Best take a wheel to a used  2000 VW Passat car owner / dealer & ask  if you can compare with its spare, just to be sure.
'center bore' is the hole in the center to allow the bearing hub protrussion.
So if your 1995 mercedes s420 wheels 'center bore' is 57.1 or larger they will fit.
Call & ask any car wrecker /  used parts shop for conformation.
Saying that / the distance from the hub may be different causing the tyres to scrap on full steering lock.
Call & ask any car wrecker /  used wheel shop for conformation as they will have first hand knowledge.
I have a B5 Passat (1999) with 18" w/ 40 series.

I would make sure the 20"'s have at least 30 series tires....
The front tire may rub.

18's are perfect.

Good thing is you are not buying the rims....

If you can make it work go for it..
webgeek154Author Commented:
thanks for the detailed info!!!
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