Display CFLOOP results as a string

I am displaying cfloop results from a query but I don't want to put them in a list or a table.  I want them to be as a string separated with a comma.  So instead of the display looking like:
I want it to display as this:
   Harrisburg, Manhattan, Dallas

The problem is, if I put the comma in my sentence it will display a comma after every record and I don't want the comma appearing after the last record.  

Not sure how to accomplish that...can this be done?
Cities changed from <cfloop query="getCurCityList">#City#</cfloop> to <cfloop query="getNewCityList">#City#</cfloop>

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Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAsked:
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Cities changed from
#ValueList(getCurCityList.City)# to
erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
can you just do this
Cities changed from <cfloop query="getCurCityList">#City#</cfloop> to
<cfloop query="getNewCityList">#City#,</cfloop>
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