Adjusting Desktop Icon Size in Mac OS X Leopard

I have a user w/ a MacBook running Leopard and all his desktop icons as well as his Dock are really, really small.

How do control desktop icon size & dock size?

Also, is there a way to get desktop settings to all go back to factory defaults?
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Desktop icon size: While on the desktop (or in any other folder), press Command-J to bring up view options.

Dock Size: This can be found under "Dock" in the System Preferences, otherwise, there's a dotted line between the applications and the stacks and trashcan.  That can be clicked and dragged to change the size.

I'm not aware of an easy way to change all these settings back to factory defaults.  Is there anything else you're looking to change?
I think the desktop icon sizes are stored in the file DesktopViewOptions

which is likely stored in \home\library or \library. Try moving the file out to the desktop and restarting the computer to see if that resets the icon size to factory defaults.
I believe the dock icon size is stored in
If you are not happy with the results, just restore the two files to the folder they came in.
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