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I have a db query which outputs a photogallery for editing, the daat is inserted into a table with the following layout

IMAGE_NAME (text input)
IMAGE_NAME_FR (text input)
IMAGE_CAPTION (text input)
IMAGE_CAPTION_FR (text input)

pus a couple of hidden fields, the table is floated to the left and each entry in the gallery generates a table and floats it up against the previously generated table, i now need to add a sorting option(new requirement), i would like to implement it as a drag and drop that would store the resequenced tables in an array which i could then submit with the text edits to reorganize the image display sequence any script suggestions? code samples?

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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperAsked:
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majkiwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure if I understand what do you want to sort:

A. tables in list (i think that's what you mean)
Use scriptaculous:
You just make a list:
<ul id="my_sorted_list">
<li id="table1">table1</li>
<li id="table2">table2</li>
and then you make it sortable:
After that you can get an order with:
(described here: http://wiki.github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/sortable-serialize)
Be sure to check out demos of both and the source codes

B. rows of tables
I like this jquery plugin for doing drag'n'drop sorting of table rows:
It's well explained, easy too use, non-obtrusive and quite configurable.
I hope you like it too!

Of course, ids have to match. It should have been:
Do you need any further assistance with that?
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperAuthor Commented:
not complete
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