How do I use my custom Stored Proc to insert into a Dataset

I am using Visual Studio 2008 and my project is in VB.
The trouble I have run into involves a particular child table that is used for attendance. I wish a new record to be inserted with a stored proc that also updates a parent table that uses a calculated field to update the number of lessons attended and lessons remaining.

My question is how do I get the TableAdapterManager, or the TableAdapter to use my stored procedure? It needs a primary key parameter that is displayed on the parent datagridview. The error message is:

 "Procedure or function 'hott_InsertRecordedLesson' expects parameter '@RegID', which was not supplied. "

How do I get this parameter into the Stored Proc that I wish the tableadapter to use?
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wdarnellgAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, but I found the exact answer on msdn's HOW DO I video series:

I would like to close this question, but I will have others soon I am sure.
You can specify the parameters for the stored proc while defining it,
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