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Appointment generated with a meeting request disappears from Outlook calendar

I am the network administrator at a firm with 45 users. I am running Exchange 2003 with all service packs and patches applied. Workstations are running Office 2007, fully patched. We use a Blackberry Enterprise Server, version, but I don't have any evidence that this is related to the BlackBerry server.

Here is my problem: One of my users (of course, he's my boss--we'll call him USER A) created a calendar item in Outlook, and generated a meeting request to invite 5 other attendees. All of the attendees accepted, and the appointment shows up on everyone's calendar. A few days later, USER A opens his calendar and notices that the appointment is no longer showing up. Everything else on the calendar appears normal.

I look at the calendars of the other attendees, and the appointment still shows up on their calendars. I look in USER A's sent items so that I can examine the original request, and when I open the original meeting request on my computer (using USER A's Outlook profile), the appointment REAPPEARS on his calendar on my computer, with a status of "tentative". The appointment does NOT reappear on USER A's calendar at his desk.

When I open the "tentative" calendar item, it gives me the option to Accept the meeting request, which I do. After accepting the meeting request, the calendar items is restored to his calendar, both on my computer where I have Outlook open using USER A's profile and on USER A's computer.

I have reviewed the Exchange Server Application Event Log very thoroughly, and I can't find any reference to this calendar item, error or otherwise.

I am at a loss with regard to how to proceed--can the Experts help? I don't understand how an item can disappear from USER A's calendar, but remain on the calendars of the other attendees.
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2 Solutions
J-J-WhiteAuthor Commented:
Secondary Question: Is there logging that I can turn on somewhere that will help me track what is going on? I believe that this has happened before with this user, and I want to catch more data if it happens again.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi J-J-White,
You are saying that userA is also the meeting organizer? Does userA have any delegates enabled that can modify meetings? Best thing to do is to test it by sending a few dummy meeting requests and see if you can replicate the issue.
We have been seeing some similar issues with Exchange server 2003 and Outlook 2007. I will check around to see if my team has found a solution

J-J-WhiteAuthor Commented:
Yes, USER A is the meeting organizer, and he does not have any delegates. We have been unable to replicate the issue.
J-J-WhiteAuthor Commented:
I found an article that indicates that this problem may be caused by slightly different versions of mapi32.dll and cdo.dll on the Blackberry Enterprise Server and the Exchange Server. I applied the appropriate updates to the Blackberry server, and the problem has not recurred, however the problem was happening so infrequently that I cannot tell for sure that the problem was solved. Until the next time it happens though, I'm calling this question closed.

Where did you find the article that indicates that this problem may be caused by slightly different versions of mapi32.dll and cdo.dll on the Blackberry Enterprise Server and the Exchange Server?


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