For certain users, RDP logs into a blank screen. How can I fix?

Occasionally, when people login to the terminal server (Standard Server 2003, SP2), they are presented with nothing but a blank screen. This has happened for three users only in a 25-person network. They are logging in from a thin client, but when this happens I login to their profile from a computer (with RDP) and get the same result.

Their session does not appear under Computer Management -> System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Sessions, so I can't just reset the session. If I restart the server, then they can login again, but I don't want to have to do that every time.

The only errors in the event logs related to terminal services are complaints that certain printer drivers are not available.

How can I find out what is causing this problem, and fix it?

Many thanks!
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jasin00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
so they log in and work ok then step away for awhile it goes to disconneted adn they come back and its a blank screen is that correct?  on your ts box when you hit crtl-alt-del do you see their sessions under the users tab?
NRTCFAuthor Commented:
No, they logoff and then the next morning they login to a blank screen.

The users tab DID have her session, thank you! So I logged her off from there then she was able to login. Any idea why that would happen?
the session is not ended so the server wants to start another one with the same name. i take it your not allowing them to rejoin a previous session.
NRTCFAuthor Commented:
But it works for everybody else. Where is that setting located?
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