How do I change setup setting for Internet Calendars in Outlook 2007 to import ICS file?

I installed Outlook 2007 for our users using an MSP file created with the Office Customization Tool, where under User Settings, Account Settings, Internet Calendar Subsciptions, Do not include Internet Calendar integration in Outlook was enabled. I found that I cannot open a single appointment ICS file because of this (error message: "system administrator has turned off this feature").  

I cannot find a setting in Outlook, Outlook setup, nor even registry settings, to change this back to enable Internet Calendars.  I could go with a complete reinstall, but that seems excessive.   How do I re-enable use of iCal in Outlook?
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If you go to Tools>Account Settings>
Is there an Internet calendar Tab at all?

If not, afraid you will have to re-install.

Would just do it on one machine first though to make sure that it is not another issue.
geanhalsteadAuthor Commented:
No, Internet Calendar tab is not visible.  It appears the only way is to first uninstall, then reinstall with different MSP file, to make this happen.  Unfortunate and time consuming.  I tried to see if I could somehow create an config.xml file to use with setup.exe /modify, but couldn't seem to locate the necessary information, if this is at all possible.  Thank you.
As much as you dont want to, you will need to re-install.
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