Is it possible to use Group Policy to prevent ConfigMgr/SMS Remote Tools connections?

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Does anyone know if its possible to deploy a Group Policy Object that would prevent SCCM Remote Tools connections from being instantiated to a given set of machines?

I'm aware that by default, SCCM prompts for permission to connect before any screen information is revealed to the requestor, however, I have a security requirement in my enterprise that may require me to prevent even that step from happening.

Does anyone know of a way with Group Policy to prevent Remote Tools connections?  Note: Not Remote Assistance, not Remote Desktop - I'm speaking specifically of Remote Tools that are part of Systems Management Server/System Center Configuration Manager.

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Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
I believe RCAGENT.EXE is the driving engine of the remote control piece, so if you set a Software Restriction policy for those computers to disallow RCAGENT.EXE from running, that should disallow SCCM from emote control connections.
Disabling the remote control component at the server level is an all-or- nothing proposition unforunately.
amendalaAuthor Commented:
That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of doing it that way.  Works just fine.  While it doesn't prevent network contact from occuring, it does at least prevent the user from seeing a "request" message.
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