How do I configure a Cisco 4402 controller to broadcast a SSID out one AP vs all AP's?

We have about 16 Aironet 1010 AP's hooked up to a Cisco 4402 controller. We are broadcasting one SSID out all AP's (interface 1) for our internal environment with 802.1X and a radius server for authentication. Out the second interface with are broadcasting a "public" SSID for general internet usage. I would like to create a third SSID that will broadbast out only ONE AP vs. all AP's and also use the "public" port. The AP that I am talking about still needs to broadcast the other two SSID's at the same time. Can this be done?
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Yes, as long as the code you're running on your WLC supports it.  You just need to create that SSID and then use WLAN Override so that only the one AP broadcasts all thre SSIDs.
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