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for sbs2003, download autoruns from ms, tried to run it and got 'windows security warning' windows found this file potentially harmful. i'm an admin. ms solution was to go to files properties and specify 'unblock'. well there is no 'unblock' in autoruns.exe properties?????????? does anybody else have this much trouble with ms stuff. by trouble i mean first ms blocks its own program and then doesn't have the posted solution to the blocking problem. i get this sort of thing often enough to be pretty frustrated.
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After you download the zip file from the website, BEFORE unzipping it, right click the zip file after it is save and go to properties. Click the Unblock button and click ok. Now when you extract the files you will be able to run it.

This is because it detected you downloaded the file from a different untrusted "zone" aka the internet vs your local computer.
bbxriderAuthor Commented:
that worked thanks a lot
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