"Check Name" window pops up when sending email

I have an odd, very focused problem:

I'm running Outlook 2007 on a Vista Home Premium laptop.

When I try and send a particular email, a "Check Name" window pops up with "Found more than one 'al'". The window also has a selection box with names in my contact list that contain "al" in the name, asking me to select one.

The email address I'm sending to doesn't have those characters in it, nor does an email link in the body of the message.

What else could cause this behavior?

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John  88{Q
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Outlook > Tools > Options > Preferences > Email Options > Advanced Email Options.

See if unchecking the automatic name checking there will help.
tcengineerAuthor Commented:
Well, the user got the email to work without the "Check Name" pop up by replying instead of the original New message.

I'm not really able to trouble shoot the problem anymore, but thanks.
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