Locke out of Active Directory

I am runnning a windows 2003 server as a domain controller and my named domain admin account has become locked out. I am not guru with AD so need some help.

Not sure the name of the default AD domain admin account. I tried logging in with my domain admin account and is locked out which tells me its not the default account. The only access I can get is to the Directory Services Restore mode, and I cant open AD users and computers with that account.

Is there a way to unlock an account so I can access this DC, dont really want to reinstall anything as I have setup numberous policies that will have to be recreated, which leads me to part 2 of the equation.

If I cannot get back into the system, can I backup AD somehow and import that backup into a clean build?

Spent all day on this.
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dwarner8Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved it myself from another thread.
The default admin username is administrator (if your windows is in english)
dwarner8Author Commented:
Ah, the renamed account is xadministrator,however, whenever I login, it tells me to change the password but when I do, it says your account is locked out. I tried logging in as administrator and as xadministrator  and nothing works.
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