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I wnt to use adobe air for the first time, previously I've always used Zinc. The problem which I can see is that Ive already produced the main flash file setup as a normal swf. Normally I would then convert the swf into an executable with zinc.  If IM understanding it right with AIr you have to work within an air environemtn right from the start. Is this the case or can I cantinue to work in a normal file and then somehow bring it into air?
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ccareyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you shouldn't need to make any modifications at all to embed with DW - as long as it's using Actionscript 3
If you have Dreamweaver CS3, the quick and dirty (but highly effective) solution is to embed the SWF in a page as you normally would.

You need to install the AIR runtime and the DW AIR extensions. After that it's a one click process to deploy the air app.

We've used this successfully a number of times - it's a great way to get your feet wet with AIR.

Here's a good article from Adobe detailing setup 
sousflaiAuthor Commented:
thanks, am I right in thinking that I should have built it in air in the first place?

Would it be possible to group the whole project within a main movie clip and paste that into air or should you always embed with dreamweaver?
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
AIR is a framework, you can use it with Dreamweaver, Flash or Flex

First of all if you want to use it with Flash, make sure that your existing FLA is ACTIONSCRIPT 3.0 version.

secondly, if you have Flash CS4, you can directly convert your AS3 FLA into an Air Project FLA by just changing the properties of your FLA.

after that you will have to add/change your actionscript code to add/use AIR power/features..
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