Dell D820 external mouse and keyboard problems

I have Dell latitude D820 with Vista installed. If I connect external USB keyboard and mouse, some annoying problem starts to occur. When typing on keyboard every now and then it seems as I would hold some key even if I dont. Also I have problems with mouse every now and then pointer freezes for the moment.
I installed all the drivers related with pointing devices from Dell site and it doesnt help. Also I have installed mouse driver  Logitech vx Nano.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just to be sure - did you try another keyboard?  it may just be bad...
Try updating your intel chipset inf's.

See more info at:

That download is the for the intel 3, 4, and 9xx series chipsets. You laptop has a 945 chipset.

Download, run infinst_autol.exe, then reboot.

You may want to make a new restore point just in case.
control panel, system, advanced, restore tab, create button.
jmavecAuthor Commented:
Hi, first I want to thank you for trying to help solving my problem. There is one think I forget to explain, laptop was connected to USB hub on my HP monitor and external mouse and keyboard were connected to monitor USB hub. Till now I havent tried to connect both directly to USB ports on laptop, now I did and so far it works fine, I hope it will stay this way.

Thanks again.
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jmavecAuthor Commented:
Comments were helpfull for me to start testing things and on the end to find the solution.

jmavecAuthor Commented:
When you mentioned that keyboard could be failed, I started to test with new keyboard and when testing that I connected everything directly to the laptop and find the problem with my monitor USB hub.

Nobus, there is one more think, Im new with this portal and I dont know what to do to close this question and which comment to accept as a solution?

Thanks again.
ok; for closing Q's, there are several possibilities
1- do it your self (follow the rules in the help section) see below
2- let somebody clean up the mess after you  (not recommended)

scroll down for "how do i close a question?

in this case, you can decide that my help was (or not) enough to assign all or a part of the points to one of my posts
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