Access all controls within a Panel.

Hi Experts,

I am new to JQuery. Need to access all the controls within a Panel on client side.

I have an ASP Panel, in which radiobuttons will be created dynamically. I do not have names of those controls to specify in javascript, but I will know the pattern i.e. all names will be specified as rblEmployee_1, rblEmployee_2, etc.

I need to loop through all these controls and perform some action on controls in another panel on same page. Only if I can I loop through/access controls within a specific panel, my problem should be solved.

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how about if you add a specific css class name thats shared through all those controls and then you do a

$(".sharedClassNameHere").each(function () {
//do something for each matched elem
Here's the selector that should do the trick for you:


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expertsoulAuthor Commented:
Sorry I couldn't really work with JQuery, due to lack of time and not having enough knowledge at the moment. I completed the task using JavaScript.
Thanks for the help. I will post some comments if able to test this out.
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