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Laptop user can't connect to internet

A dell laptop user that moves from office "A" to office "B" Can never get internet connectivity when connected to office B LAN.....
Wireless is connected, Local area connection is connected but no Internet connectivity
All other users on LAN in office B have no issues.
Cable Modem> ZyXel> netgear 24 port switch> Patch panle...
*Wireless access point is connected directly to switch.  

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Usually when you have access to the local subnet but can't connect to anything outside, the gateway configuration is suspect. Can you ping a public IP? Run ->cmd  then type ping I
f it times out check gateway settings. while at a command prompt type ipconfig /all
If what you see doesn't mean anything to you post it here.
What is the brand and model of the Wireless Access Point
rablasAuthor Commented:
The Wireless is a linksys,
I do suspect the Zyxel Gateway is whats denying him. Unfortunately I dont have access to the computer today, If I  can ping outside IP address, Whats Next? If NOT?

Thanks for your reply
The Wireless Access Point is the connection between the laptop and the local subnet. If the laptop can see other workstations on the subnet then the wireless configuration is right. If the other workstations on the LAN have internet access then the Zyxel cable modem may be running NAT and DHCP. It has to be configured correctly or the other users on the LAN wouldn't have internet access. If DHCP isn't enabled on the Router post back that would mean a different set of problems. Check one of the workstations to find out.

You didn't provide the model and version number of the WAP but the user manual for the WAP54G can be found here. http://www.linksysbycisco.com/US/en/support/WAP54G/download
The default IP of the WAP should be by default unless it has been changed. If you cannot ping a public address from the laptop then try to log into the WAP using a browser to find out the default gateway setting in the WAP. this should be the same as the gateway setup in the LAN workstations.
If you can ping a public IP then the issue is more likely DNS settings in the WAP or in the laptop. If DNS servers for LAN A are static entries in the laptop then it won't be able to resolve names while connected to LAN B. All TCP/IP settings should be assigned by DHCP including DNS servers at both sites for the laptop. If you don't understand what I'm saying post back and ask for more detail.
Troubleshooting this problem is a multi-step process. If you don't find the problem gather information and post back.

I strongly encourage you to read the user manual. You need to understand wireless security and get it configured if you haven't already done so.

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