How to uninstall outlook express in Sever 2003 R2 x64??

Anyone can help me to remove and reinstall outlook express in server2003?
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Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
I have done the following on my test x64 2k3 system

1. Followed the information in my last post re removing the hidden option from the inf file to show the option in add/remove windows options. That removed it from my program menu, but left C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express.

2. I had a look at the registry key as per my link above, but that didn't seem to make any difference, having said that you could just delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express folder and that should be enough to prevent people from running the application.

I had a look through other news groups and don't really see any other methods. I think Outlook Express is so built into the core windows install with mapi services etc, you may have to live with it being hidden from view.

What was the reason to uninstall? if it was from a security point of view, if the application can't be launched, then it isn't a risk (well sort of)
Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:

First you need to allow the product to be viewed in Windows Components add/remove programmes
Open C:\Windows\Inf\sysoc.inf using notepa
remove the word hide in the line below:
so it says

Save the file and close
Go to control panel,
Add/Remove Programs

Add/Remove Windows Components

Uncheck Outlook Express to uninstall.


kimleung923Author Commented:
i got this done before, it looks like only delete the short cut.  Not the actually software
Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
kimleung923Author Commented:
ppls comment on that link is not success to remove outlook express.  Did you try?
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