Another user is being copied on Outlook calendar appointments, but nothing is set up to do that!

Hi all,

We have a secretary here who keeps getting coped on all calendar appointments sent to or from another user. The user in question has no rules or out of office set up on the Outlook client.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Steven WellsConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:

Have a look in outlook for the person who is being sent the original meeting requests.
Click on Tools, Options, then Delegates.
Check to see if any delegates are listed,
Also I have seen the permission in the actualy outlook folder permission have some affect too. Right click on the outlook top level folder and have a look at permissions.

You may have to check each outlook that is a To or CC address on the meeting requests.
Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
Have a look and see if she is a delegate of one of the recipients. and then check to see if the option Delegate receives meeting requests is ticked.
aimvicitAuthor Commented:
Thanks, can you tell me where that option is? I didn't see it. Which machine is that setting on? The delegate?

Thanks again.
aimvicitAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, it was exactly as you described!
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