Automatically grant users access to Outlook calendar/contacts through Exchange Server?

Is there a way to setup permissions all all new users (and possibly modify existing users) Exchange accounts so that a certain set of people automatically have access to their Contacts as well as Calendar?

I've added users to our Exchange Server, but in order to get their Contacts/Calendars shared I've had to manually share it with the users that need access from the person in question's machine - not very efficient.

I'm looking for a way that I can do this all server-side if possible, and automate it as much as possible as well. Are there security groups and whatnot I can create that'll handle this? If nothing else, is there a way I can do this from my own PC without having to head to the other side of the building to simply add more people to the share's allowed user list?

Thanks in advance!

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At the folder level it is a per user setting and is stored in the mailbox. I don't think it can be manipulated server side very easily. I certainly haven't found a way, nor a way to set it by default.

It has required the use of Full Mailbox permissions to a special account so that a tool called Set Perm can be used. You can also use pfdavadmin to set the permissions.
However there is nothing that you can do as an administrator to stop the users from removing the permission on the folder.

Andres PeralesCommented:
This is more of a user training issue.  The have controll of their mailboxes and should control who has access to them, not just allow everyone to everyone else calendar!

If you need a calendar that everyone can see and use, then setup a calendar in a public folder or setup Windows SharePoint Services on a server and use the web version of the calendar and then allow your users to sync that calendar with their outlook, if you are using Office 2007 you will get bi-directional syncing.
SootahAuthor Commented:
As this is a work environment it's not really a choice as to whether or not their calendar/contacts are shared; which is why I'd like to find a way to automatically do this when an Exchange account is created, as well as an easy way to update existing accounts.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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SootahAuthor Commented:
Plus we all know training the end user is generally a nightmare.

I'd prefer to find a quick way to do this all myself so I don't have to go fix their screwups. :)
TristanIT ManagerCommented:
There isnt much you can't do with Exchange 2007 and Powershell.
Anything you can do in the GUI can be scripted.
Andres PeralesCommented:
I still think that you are looking at a security nightmare, again if you need everyone to see common calendar then utilize a public folder calendar, or a sharepoint calendar!
And you also need to stop under estimating users!  
SootahAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, I've had to do the sharing manually. I have setup a group to make this easier, but manual it is..
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