NTBackup data file(s) restore to new server causing out of space message

Have a W2000 server that's being replaced with new SBS2003 server hardware. Used NTBackup to copy all data files on the server being replaced, to a LAN attached 500g NAS drive. That process worked well for the most part other than a few skipped files.

Have the new 2003 server installed with a 1TB "Data" partition on the D drive.  In attempting to use NTBackup to restore the NAS-attached backed up files to the 1TB D: partition, NTBackup starts popping up messages stating "out of space". These messages started popping up after probably 5gb of data was restored on this same D drive. It's 1TB in size, and in not out of available driver space.

Have never seen this before. Can anyone assist please. Thanks
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You may be running out of space on the NAS or the local drive of the machine that the NTbackup services is using.  The 1TB drive isn't full, the temporary drive the NTbackup uses is full.  Check the NAS and the "C" drive on the server that is running ntbackup

Any word on this?
I suppose the 1 TB partition is formatted as NTFS?
Do you have quota's in place on the SBS2003 server?
jtreeves72Author Commented:
Folks - sorry for the delay in responding. I failed to verify with the customer the exact verbage of the message at the time of posting this request, so my description wasn't quite clear.

The message was:
Insufficient disk space. Verify that you have full access to the working folder and there is disk space available.

The issue turned out to be the default user disk quotas of 2gb. Once this 2gb limit was reached as each accounts data was being restored via the NT Backup utility, the above error message was given.

I think both responders were pointing in the right direction - so going to split the points -
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