What would make Firefox spike and snag at semi regular intervals while playing youtube videos?

Whenever I play YouTube videos in Firefox, it snags. Sometimes it's every 10 seconds, sometimes it's every 20, sometimes it's every 5. This effect fluctuates during playback, but for the most part it behaves like a pulsar.

I monitored Firefox using Process Explorer set to take snapshots 2 times per second, and as you can see by the enclosed pic, each time there's a snag, firefox spikes in CPU usage, and a little bit in RAM usage ("private bytes"). It's the only process or app doing this, the others don't reflect any change relative to those spikes.

When I visit the same page using IE or Chrome, the video plays fine and there are no spikes. I've tried disabling all add-ons in Firefox and it still happens.

Any idea what might cause this? or where I should proceed from here?

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section25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have no idea. I realize that the videos play in a flash player, but it's not reablly a flash programming issue. You might have better luck in a different forum. Maybe the one on browsers. It sounds like either a borwser issue or a pc issue. I have no problems playing youtube videos in Firefox on my pc.

Good Luck.
johngerityAuthor Commented:
Really? Noone knows this?

Or everyone knows this and doesn't wanna touch it with a 10 foot pole?
johngerityAuthor Commented:

Internet, take whatever you wish from this. I just don't want to be suspended again.
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