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I was recently hired as an  intermediate level Desktop Support technician with a prestigious company, as a contractor.  I have a varied technical background over the last six years.  I have a varied background mostly b/c of the economy; it has been very difficult finding work.  I have worked helpdesk, some desktop support, and Systems Administration jobs.  The current position I found has a perfect team fit for me.  I want to shine and be the best I can be so I might get hired full time.

I need help to find solid and helpful desktop support tech web sites and possibly periodicals that will assist me to be an effective Desktop Support technician.  I have a good opportunity to show my employer that I can be a tech they can rely on and trust.   I am trying to be self - sufficient and find answers on my own when I can to show my team that I can figure out my tickets.

I know of some resources like the journal, Element K.  Element K however is very expensive.  Are there other resources that I should always have in my repertoire (other than EE) that will boost me in my daily duties on the job?

There are so many of you in EE who are top performers in your fields.  How can you help me to grow?

Oh also, please direct me to a better queue if I have chosen a wrong area to post this.

Thank you very, very much.

Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAsked:
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TechNet is a great resource, also get yourself a subscription to Technet, this will allow you to play at home with the software!

Set your self up a lab at home so that you can play there too!  And try out new things!  A workstation at home running Vista 64 with at least 8Gb of RAM and a couple of drives for storage and set up virtual server, you can then setup your own domain and test in that type of enviroment.

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and get your certifications done!

Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to answer questions and read threads on EE (seriously!)
I like this guys blog:
Read the Sysinternals site as your personal bible:
Buy this book on fixing PCs (very good):
Become familiar with Windows PE
Basically: read, read, books, read newsgroups, read forums, then experiment.
Donald StewartConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Mark O'BrienDispatch Software Support and Server AdministrationAuthor Commented:
Ooops, sry folks.  
Lee, I believe you closed this question in a fair fashion.
Thank you everyone.
- Mark88
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