Is it possible to search xml embedded in flex?

Posted on 2009-04-29
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
Is it possible to have a flex document do a query?

I have a simple project for work, where the items are loaded in a product tile window and I want it to be able to search.

The file needs to live on an network drive, and be safe contained no php etc.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" xmlns:ns1="*">

<mx:XML id="product">

	<product><anitem>	<itemID>	1	</itemID>	<itemName>	Light (1) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:26	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	2	</itemID>	<itemName>	Light (2) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:27	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>	</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	3	</itemID>	<itemName>	Light Brown (3) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:28	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL></imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	4	</itemID>	<itemName>	Dark Brown (4) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:28	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	5	</itemID>	<itemName>	Tanned (5) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:28	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	6	</itemID>	<itemName>	Light Brown (6) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:28	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	7	</itemID>	<itemName>	Dark Brown (7) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:28	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>		<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	8	</itemID>	<itemName>	Tanned (8) 	</itemName>	<type>	Skin (1000)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:29	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	100	</itemID>	<itemName>	Green Eyes (100) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:29	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>		<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	101	</itemID>	<itemName>	Blue Eyes (101) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:29	</crDate>	<isactive>	2	</isactive>		<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	102	</itemID>	<itemName>	Brown Eyes (102) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:29	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	103	</itemID>	<itemName>	Aqua Eyes (103) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Female  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:30	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	104	</itemID>	<itemName>	Blue Eyes (104) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:30	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>		<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>

	<anitem>	<itemID>	105	</itemID>	<itemName>	Green Eyes (105) 	</itemName>	<type>	Eyes (1001)  	</type>	<gender>	Male  	</gender>	<price>	0	</price>	<crDate>	5/3/2008 20:30	</crDate>	<isactive>	1	</isactive>	<imgURL>		</imgURL>	</anitem>




	<mx:Panel x="379" y="10" width="635" height="445" layout="absolute">

		<mx:TileList itemRenderer="ProductTile" dataProvider="{product.anitem}" x="19" y="10" width="586" height="390" rowHeight="136" columnWidth="180">




	<mx:Panel x="29" y="189" width="342" height="266" layout="absolute">

		<mx:CheckBox x="196" y="194" label="YoCash Items"/>

		<mx:Text x="10" y="20" text="Name&#x9;" width="63"/>

		<mx:TextInput x="81" y="18"/>

		<mx:Text x="10" y="55" text="Max Price" width="63"/>

		<mx:TextInput x="81" y="53" width="81"/>

		<mx:Text x="10" y="85" text="Min Price" width="63"/>

		<mx:TextInput x="81" y="83" width="81"/>

		<mx:ComboBox x="10" y="161" dataProvider="{categories.category}" width="178" id = "cat"  click="traceCat()"></mx:ComboBox>



<mx:XML id = "categories">


<category>	Swimwear (2020)  	</category>

<category>	Rugs (2008)  	</category>

<category>	Toys and Games (2035)  	</category>

<category>	Homes (2029)  	</category>

<category>	Kitchen Appliances (2022)  	</category>

<category>	Pants (100)  	</category>

<category>	Bait (2049)  	</category>




	private var txt:String;

	public function traceCat():void


		txt =cat.selectedItem.text;





<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Tile xmlns:mx="" width="180" height="136">

	<mx:Canvas width="180" height="136">



		<mx:Image x="35.5" y="24" width="60" height="60" source="{data.imgURL}"/>

		<mx:Label x="10" y="9" width="155" text ="{data.itemName}"/>

		<mx:Label x="35.5" y="97" text = "{data.price}"/>




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Question by:cflores89
    LVL 12

    Expert Comment

    Yes, you can use XMLLists and E4X. See this:

    Author Comment

    So I would have it do my query, pass the results into an XMLLlist and then pass it into the tiles?
    LVL 12

    Accepted Solution

    Hmm .. XML object can be easily converted into an XMLList .. and .. there are nifty ways to search & filter .. see this:

    Author Comment

    Ok, I've been fiddling around with this and can't seem to get it to work.

    I had dataprovider = "{search.anitem}" for the tile and it was blank

    I then had
          var filterBy:String = "type";
           var filterValue:String = "Eyes";
           var items:XMLList;
      public function searchQuery():void
           items= product.anItem.(attribute(filterBy) == filterValue);


    so not sure to set it up correctly

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