AD Sites and Services and MSMQ

recently I saw in  AD sites and services a new  object (MSMQ )  in a site that are not domain controllers.  I do not know how they were originally populated there .

The objects is a member server(printer server) .  The only item under these objects (right pane) is NAME="MSMQ Settings"  it do not have any NTDS Settings and do not show up in NTDSutil either.  
I am hesitant to delete the objects from sites and services as I do not know how they were originally populated there and if there is a reason for them to be there.  

Does anyone know and Can I delete it?
sys Info:
Windows sever2003
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Mike KlineCommented:
If you are not using MSMQ then you can delete it.
Since you are not familiar with it I'm guessing you are not using it.   More on MSMQ here:
So remember it is sites and services --- this is one of those services that is AD aware
From the link
Q. How does MSMQ integrate with Active Directory?
A.  MSMQ utilizes Active Directory for security information related to encryption and decryption, or message authentication. MSMQ also uses Active Directory for public queue lookups  in this way the sending or receiving applications do not need to know the machine-name of the computer hosting the destination queue.
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