I would like some help from anyone who is using Actions Script 3.0 with Flash (we are using CS3 at present)
The file "hidden object.fla" shows several "1120:Access of undefined property...." error, yet all instances have been named. If I make all six objects (bears) in question buttons instead of movie clips it all works.  What is the problem?
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undefined property indicates you have a variable that isn't initialised. Open up your bear object and remove any actionscript you find inside. Turn the instances back into movieclips and publish. From what you're saying this should now work.

Now look at your actionscript and add it back in a bit at a time, publishing as you do. This will show up the problem code.

As the previous comment suggests, a FLA would be more useful in terms of debugging it.
Hi. We can't help without reading the codes. I guess you tried to attach the file. EE doesn't allow the upload FLA. You can rename it to .fla.jpg and try to attach again.
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