how do I control an APC PDU (model AP7953 ) with SNMP

I have several APC switched PDUs model AP7953 that are connected on my network so they can be remotely managed.  We are having ongoing power issues in the area and one of the things we'd like accomplish is being able to shut down certain outlets automatically to power down devices that cannot be remotely managed in the event of an outage.

I have read a few articles about using SNMP to do this, and found the OIDs that other people seem to be having success with but I cannot get the PDU to respond to my commands.  I have tried with Net-SNMP and usingt he GUI app Getif.

Has anyone managed to do this successfully?  I have never used SNMP for anything in the past so very much a newbie at this.
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Kamran ArshadConnect With a Mentor IT AssociateCommented:

Does your APC PDU support PowerChute?
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