windows pe

hi does any know how to create a bootable cd using windows pe
i followed the walkthrough from technet but i ve got no luck at all
it did let me boot from the disc but it couldnt let me installed it via installation command
thanks in advance
@echo off
diskpart /s R:\scripts\diskpartactivate.txt
imagex /apply R:\image\ 1 c:\ /verify
cscript /nologo R:\scripts\ZTIHalDetect.vbs
echo The installation has completed. Please press CRTL+ALT+DEL to reboot.
@echo off
wpeutil reboot

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Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Senior Desktop EngineerCommented:
Not sure where we are going with this question.  You posted a script that would automate the apply of a WIM file without WDS from WinPE for XP (but are posting in the Vista section), then you ask how to make a WinPE disc from scratch and now you are having troubles deploying a WIM from WDS for some unknown operating system (Vista perhaps, since bootmgr is the boot loader for Vista)
In any case, after you apply a WIM, bootsect must be called to prep the boot sector with the correct boot code for either XP or Vista.  If you are deploying XP, use bootsect /nt52 sys and if you are deploying Vista, use bootsect /nt60 sys
I have little experience with WDS, so someone else would chime in on that aspect.
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
This is the article I used:

This requires a free download of the WAIK.
emeraldpiggyAuthor Commented:
hi aleinss
i ve installed aik as well as windows development tool kit
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emeraldpiggyAuthor Commented:
hi aleinss
thanks for the help . ive done installation but when i reboot it. it says bootmgr is missing. but it is in my root folder. do u know why it happens?
Adam LeinssSenior Desktop EngineerCommented:
This is the command that makes the CD bootable:

oscdimg -n -h -bc:\winpe\                           c:\winpe\iso c:\winpe\winpe.iso  <enter>

Are you trying this with a CD or USB flash drive?
emeraldpiggyAuthor Commented:
hi aleiness
it turns out to be the wim i captured is not right
i tried to use sysprep and wds to capture the wim file
and when i use imagex  to mount it
it says the data is invalid

can u plz help me on this
emeraldpiggyAuthor Commented:
thanks that was helpful
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