Windows Batch File To Reset Remote Desktop Connection


i have this command to reset desktop connection , i want this script to be run if i got msg max user exeded , the problem is the session got different ID each time .

so i need batch .BAT , to run this script and only put the ID # to reset

can anybody help??
net use /user:user\\server\share
query session /server:server
reset session # /server:server

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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You do not need to use a share to connect to the server. IPC$ connection is sufficient.
set /P allows for user prompt, and stores the input into a environment variable (no here).

@echo off
net use \\Server /u:User Pwd
query session /server:Server
set /P no=No. of session to reset: 
reset session /server:Server %no%
net use \\Server /d

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