Crystal reports - How do I make details section grow?

This is my first time using Crystal Reports so my knowledge to this is limited.

I have created a crystal report which have a column called Company.
This company field in details section is set to CanGrow.

So when viewing the report in a web page I've created it looks ok. (See attachment fig. 1)
But when I export the report to pdf the text goes between the line. (See attchment fig. 2)

How do I solve this?

Thanks in advance:)
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Try this,

Add one more details section under your current "details section" and move the bottom line in that.
Whenever your text will grow, the line will not overlap with the text.
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
This might seem silly, but if you print the .pdf does it show up like it does in the second example?  If you changed the size of the .pdf document in your reader (zoom in or out) does it look like it should?  I've seen issues like this in the Crystal Reports viewer where it's simply a matter of what's visible on screen, depending on the magnification level of the report, not necessarily an issue with the design itself. I'ts an easy thing to check.  If it's the problem, then there's nothing to fix.  If not, we can look further.

Is this on the same machine?

Are you exporting from the viewer or from code?

ContestoasAuthor Commented:
It looks the same when i print the pdf.
But I got it to work with usmanr suggestion :)

Thanks for all your help

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