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Secure an Outlook 2007 OST File

I run Outlook 2007 in an Exchange environment and store a lot of confidential data. I regularly use this set-up on a laptop and I want to be in a position where the OST file on the laptop is encrypted or otherwise secured so that, in the event of a laptop theft or loss, the OST file is not easily readable.

Is there a simple answer to this...? I can see an 'Encrypt data between ...Outlook and Exchange' check box in my data files setup, but this sounds like the *connection* is encrypted rather than the OST file.

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I believe that the recommended solution is EFS or BitLocker.

Some other on-the-fly or full disk encryption solution would work just as well.
Note:  In Outlook 2003 there were three options for cached exchange mode:
1.  No Encryption
2.  Compressible Encryption (default)
3.  High Encryption

Of these Compressible Encryption didn't actually encrypt anything (it just compressed it)and High Encryption used 54-bit DES (if I remember correctly).  As such I believe that this was dropped from Outlook 2007 in favour of EFS.
^  56-bit DES.

I recommmend to use TrueCrypt (www.truecrypt.org).

You can encrypt the whole harddisk with it and you have to type in a password during boot. An alternative is maybe to store the OST-file on a separate partition and only encrypt this partition, but I suppose if you store confidental data in Outlook its not the only location, so therefore I recommend to encrypt the harddisk completely.


I just wanted to echo JBlond's recommendation of TrueCrypt.  I use it on several of my machines.  It is worth noting that there are other solutions that may be more managable for an enterprise environment but in that sense you get what you pay for.  :)
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