MyAgtTry.exe high CPU


I have a user who has MyAgtTry.exe process running twice , one with 0% CPU and the other almost 99% CPU... Anyone know why this is happening? It happens every morning and I have to end the 99% process. I have tried to re-install McAfee, but this is still happening??

Anyone know what to do please?

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We did try the uninstall using MVSUnint.exe and it did not work, the second shield always came back.

So, after many hours on the phone with McAfee support over the past several weeks, I think they may finally have stumbled on the solution...

1. logon to the McAfee Security Center
2. click on Groups & Policies menu
3. next to View, click on Policies
4. you want to look for any policies that are assigned to groups and click on Edit Policy under Actions heading
5. click on the Advanced Settings tab
6. uncheck the first box "Update client computers where users are not logged in"
7. I also changed the Check For Updates interval to every 4 hours, but this is not necessary.
8. click Save

I completed this at about 4:30 pm. The next day, I asked all users with the double shield to remove one of the shields by ending the process.  Then I had them restart.

It's now 24 hours later, and so far none of the double shields have returned.

If this is actually the solution (I'm going to hold my breath for a few more days), it would make sense because many of our users only log off at night and do not shut down.  The updates were set to run every twelve hours so probably ran overnight on many of these computers.  I'm guessing the update process was run under the user name McAfeeMVSUser, and for some reason the process myAgtTry.exe started, but never ended under that user name.  When the actual user logged on in the morning, a second myAgtTry.exe process started, thereby displaying the second shield.

Why this suddenly started happening a month ago is a mystery.  Did McAfee change the way the updates run?

Please let me know if this solution works for you.
I've been having exactly the same problem with multiple users and I can't get McAfee support to respond!

What I noticed is that  the process is running once under the name McAfeeMVSUser (at 0% CPU) and again under the user's name (at 90-100% CPU).  Two McAfee shields appear in the system tray when this happens. When I check computers this is not happening with, I see that the process is running only once under the user's name at 0%.

In the application log of each affected computer (and missing from unaffected pc's logs), there are several warning messages over a series of days with Event ID 1524 for user McAfeeMVSUser:

-- Windows cannot unload your classes registry file - it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.  --

The appearance of the message doesn't always coincide with the appearance of the double-shield in the system tray, though. I tried ending both MyAgtTry.exe processes and restarting, and I tried manually uninstalling and re-installing, but the problem always returns and is starting to affect more & more computers on our network every day.

Anyway, I'm sorry not to be able to offer any help, but maybe a few more details will help someone else identify the problem.
I will let you know if I hear anything useful from McAfee support.
re08149383Author Commented:
I have tried McAfee support too and still no response. Thanks bjordon35, for further explaining the problem.

This is the exact problem I am having and now have 2 more PCs with this (they all happen to be HP machines, what about your users??)...

II am getting the Event ID 1524 under user: McAfeeMVSUser for some users, but not all. This is all very peculiar.
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Nothing useful from McAfee yet.  They had me run McAfee Virtual Technician, but the results were inconclusive.  They say they have never come across this problem before and will call me back when they have a solution.

The problem is occurring on different makes, not just HP computers.  We are running Windows XP SP2 or SP3 on the affected computers.
Try this...

When you see two shields, right-click on one and perform a manual update.  The second shield should disappear when the update is complete, and only one instance of myAgtTry.exe should be running.

I'm not sure if this is a long-term fix, so give it a few days and see if the double-shield comes back.
sorry -- that's not the fix

I've spent two days on the phone back & forth with McAfee.  They remoted in to an affected computer and ran several diagnostic tools with no results.  They are escalating the case and tell me that they will analyze the logs taken from my computer and probably come out with a patch.

I'm getting the feeling this could take weeks .. and I now have over 100 computers affected!
re08149383Author Commented:
They told me to run a manual update on one of the two shields as well, but no difference.
OK, you need to log in to your mcafeeasap site and click on Tools, then Utilities

Download MVSUnint.exe and run it on the PC in question, reboot it and then reinstall it.....

Your problem will go away......

I've seen this too many times now....

legalsrlCommented: need to make sure that you stop the services prior to running the MVSUninst tool.....

Stop the services, run MVSUninst, reboot, run it again and then reboot....

It's not the best fix, but it does work.

re08149383Author Commented:
bjordon35 - I have tried what you have suggested:

6. uncheck the first box "Update client computers where users are not logged in"

... I did this last night, and so far, the few computers with this problem are ok. How are your affected PCs getting on?
Still OK, no double shields!
re08149383Author Commented:
It all seems ok so far... McAfee finally got back to me on Friday and told me to uncheck the "Update client computers where users are not logged in". They probably read it from here!!

Thanks for all your help.
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