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HP blade + San; Anything missing?

Posted on 2009-04-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Hi Experts.
I just got a great offer from HP for a c3000 bladecenter with a  msa2000 san.
I would really like to know if this setup is able to work as it is.

0100 437507-B21 HP BLc3000 CTO Enclosure 1
0101 410917-B21 HP BLc Bnt 1GbE2 Switch Opt Kit 1
410917-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 1
0102 AE370A Brocade BladeSystem 4/12 SAN Switch 1
AE370A 0D1 Factory integrated 1
0103 A7446B HP 4GB SW Single Pack SFP Transceiver 2
0104 437572-B21 HP 1200W 12V Hotplug AC Power Supply 6
437572-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 6 TBA
0105 412140-B21 HP BLc Encl Single Fan Option 2
412140-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 2
0106 448589-B21 HP BLc3000 FIO Onboard Admin Option 1
0107 439034-B23 HP c-Class All FIO 8 Icm 1yr 24x7 Lic 1
0108 437576-B21 HP BLc3000 Rack Rails 1
0200 HA101A3 HP 3y Next Day HW Support 1
HA101A3 7GK c3000 Enclosure HW Supp 1
HA101A3 85J Brocade 4/12 and 4/24 SAN Switch Supp 1
0300 501715-B21 HP BL460c G5 LP CTO Blade 4
0301 462876-L21 HP L5420 BL460c G1 FIO Kit 4
0302 462876-B21 HP L5420 BL460c G1 Kit 4
462876-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 4
0303 466440-B21 HP 8GB FBD PC2-5300 2x4GB LP Kit 16
466440-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 16 TBA
0304 431935-B21 HP 72GB 15k 2.5 SAS HP SP HDD 8
431935-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 8 TBA
0305 406771-B21 HP BLc NC326m NIC Adapter Opt Kit 4 TBA
406771-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 4 TBA
0306 403619-B21 HP BLc QLogic QMH2462 FC HBA Opt Kit 4
403619-B21 0D1 Factory integrated 4
0307 405102-B21 HP SA E200 64MB FIO Cache 4 TBA
0400 AJ742A HP 2012fc SC Modular Smart Array 1
0401 AJ736A HP MSA2 300GB 15K rpm 3.5 inch SAS HDD 10 TBA
AJ736A 0D1 Factory integrated 10
0402 HA101A3 HP 3y Next Day HW Support 1
HA101A3 9CJ MSA2000 Array Support 1
0500 221692-B22 5M SW LC/LC FC Cable ALL 1

Any input you might have is greatly appriciated!
Question by:DeviliX
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Expert Comment

ID: 24269181
Depending on what one wants to do, it looks quite capable.

Author Comment

ID: 24269332
Thank you 65td.
My concern was that one little detail was missing so that I would end up with a lot of HP boxes I couldn't use for anything :)

As for what its going to be used for;
It will run a some 2003 servers and a few centos' nothing with a heavy load
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Accepted Solution

andyalder earned 2000 total points
ID: 24270396
If the only thing that is going to connect to the SAN is the blades and maybe a tape library you'd be better off to use MSA2012sa plus P700m/256 mezzanines, significantly cheaper than fibre channel and the performance is similar. SAS doesn't scale as far as fibrechannel but it's ideal for up to two c9000 chassis.

You're not going to end up with a pile of boxes if it is "factory integrated". It looks like you are a LAN switch short though since you have mezzanines plus the onboard NICs and I only see one GbE2c on the list. I'd also expect a second SAN switch for redundancy in a production environment, I think you're only single attached.

Do you need a copy of the blade signal routing (wiring) diagram? I've got it but only as powerpoint. I suppose I could upload a screenshot for you if you need it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 24272799
Of course I may be wrong about you missing a LAN switch, you might just want 2 network ports in which case one switch will do and you don't want those NC326m mez cards.

Author Comment

ID: 24273402
Hi Andy Alder
Wow thank you so much for your answer.
I really to bad with only one GbE2c, but I was on a very tight budget (our budget was cut in half), so my plan is to add another one later on. I would love to see your diagram.

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Expert Comment

ID: 24273640
I will upload it tomorrow, I'm at home now. The two onboard NICs go to I/O slot 1, both ports of mez1 got to I/O slot 2, the 2 (or 4) ports of mez2 go to I/O slots 3 and 4.

If you only have enough money for one LAN switch there's no sense buying the LAN mezannines, there's nothing to connect them to. If you only have one SAN switch it would go in I/O slot 2 with the SAN mez in mez1 so that both ports are connected.

SAS would save you about $2000 over fibre channel since all the components are cheaper, http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13045_div/13045_div.html . For a small SAN there's no difference - you cannot connect SAS switches together is what limits the scale of the SAN, otherwise it is ideal for small scale deployments. Booting from SAN is probably easier than booting from fibre channel SAN as well so you might think about dropping the internal disks and e200i RAID cards. I haven't done the sums but I think you can drop a couple of PSUs as well, you can always add later if you add more blades. Don't skimp on the fans though, the more you have the quieter it is and the less electricity it uses.

Are you working with a reseller with this? You're normally better off going to one (or two) rather than direct to HP, Can't use us I'm afraid, we're gold partner but don't do much outside UK. Going to the manufacturer is a bit like getting items off the supermarket shelf whereas a reseller would be more like a small shop keeper who would tell you not to buy garlic and beef because they don't go well together.

There's also normally an offer of free enclosure if you half fill it with blades, varies from country to country though.

Author Comment

ID: 24274004
I started with a reseller here in Denmark at first, both for HP and IBM setups and got offers for some really nice kits. But for some reason (only known to the guys in the US) we are forced to do business with HP directly now. But to be fair, the HP offer is way cheaper.
I'm a bit surprised about the sas setup, I really didn't think it would be fast enough.
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Expert Comment

ID: 24274478
The connection protocol (SAS, SCSI, fibre channel, even SATA or IDE) is so much faster than than the disks spin that it doesn't have much effect on performance. The G2 MSA2000s are twice as fast as the G1s but that's only because they support twice as many (relatively slow) disks.
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Expert Comment

ID: 24277467
midplane diagram

Author Comment

ID: 24277582
Thank you so much.
I truly appriciate all your help :)


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