Cisco Call manager 5.0 MGCP Gateway configuration

we have got call manger 5.0 and the gateway is cisco 3825 router.  The TELCO has provided us with 2 different range of numbers 9279XXXX and 9254XXXX.

my question is how would we configure Caller ID DN for 2 different number ranges.

The CCM allows you to only have one range. can some thing be done on the router.

Iam very new to call manager so please acept my aplogies for my ignorance  
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ged125Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually you can have as many ranges as you want on CUCM.  I would suggest configuring the external number mask on the DN level, then every directory number can have a different DID/Range.  Let me know if you don't know how to do this.
kiranvvkkAuthor Commented:
i have configured the external mask at the DN level. previously the external mask was configured on the  Caller ID DN setting under the two MGCP E1 endpoints for Gateway. I removed the caller ID setting reset the gateway once i did that any  external calls from any DN is being displayed with the group number
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