Remote Desktop\ Application server 2008 user unable to connect

Ok the Scenerio

I have a windows 2008 server with the Remote Desktop roles install ( remote Apps,Remote licensing) - Call this Ts1

TS1 is a DC, it is also a member of the Terminal server licensing group. 120 per user cals are installed.

I aso have a windows 2008 box with Remote desktop Gateway install - TG1

TG1 has the CAP and RAP configured and are functioning correctly.

TS1 is reject the user from login on by displaying the following message.

To log on to the remote computer, you must be granted the Allow logon through Terminal Services. By default, members of the administrators group have this right. If you are not a member of the Admin group or another group that has this right, or if the Admin group does not have the right, you must be granted manually.

THe user is a member of the remote desktop user group. The user is the user has Full control in the RDP-TCP security tab.

The TS1 has a GPO with the allow users to connect remotely using TS property enabled. The Ts licensing server property is set to TS. The TS licensing mode is set to Per user.

The only time I have managed to get this user to connect is when I have add them to the admin group. This is obviously not an acceptable solution.

How do i fix this?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
If the TS server is a DC with you shouldn't have the TS service installed on a DC. Since you do you must go into the Domain Controllers Security Policy not the local policy and add the RDP group here.
kenny240179Author Commented:
I demote the server and relocated the licensing server.

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