exchange 2003 move to new hardware, how do the desktops change to the new server


replacing a present exchange server 2003 with a new one; if the old server was called exchange.domailn.local and the new box is called exchange2.domain.local. How do the individual desktops pickup on the change or is intervwntion required on each?
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KevinBallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you leave the old server up for a while, when clients connect to it (because their profile points to it) it will 'auto-magically' redirect the client to the new server, and the client will silently update the new home server in the profile.  Note the users needs to start a new Outlook sessions for this to happen, so discourage anyone from leaving Outlook running and just locking their PCs each night.

So give it a couple of weeks for all the profiles to be switched over, and then decomission the old server, and you should be fine.  You can always manually edit the servername in any profiles that don't get updated automatically for any reason (say the user was on holiday for 2 weeks).
Rajith EnchiparambilConnect With a Mentor Office 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
As long as both the servers are online when the user logs in, Outlook settings will be automatically repointed.

Make sure that it won't work if your old server is not online and contactable.
First off all copy  the database to the new server. Then remove the first exchange server, then add the reset the computer account of exchange1.
Now rename the exchange2 to exchange1. Install exchange with the Disaster recovery switch. Apply the service packs and then mount the databases.
This would resolve your issue.
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
I don't know why Numero has wriiten about all those to have the Outlook profile redirected. As mentioned in my previous post, keep both the servers running and everything will be done for you.
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