Better way to convert .jar to .dll - I currently use JBimp


I've a enterprise application which is a J2SE server, .NET 2.0 GUI communicating with each other via Sonci RV and a Sybase DB. The server has a calculator jar file. The GUI allows users to enter inputs to the calculator. Therefore, I currently use JBimp to convert the .jar to a .dll so .NET can perform the calculations and the users can see the impact of their changes - a sand box esentially.

However, JBimp has some shortcomings - mainly - "JbImp only supports Java class files based on Java Developer's Kit (JDK)* versions 1.1.4 and earlier".... therefore I've to be careful how I code the calculator and not use nice constructs such as generics (Java5).

I was wondeirng if there is any better solution than JBimp tp convert .jar to .dll?

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Gibu GeorgeConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
Gibu GeorgeChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Support for java 1.6 is there with some miner holes, details are in the site
Gibu GeorgeChief Technology OfficerCommented:
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