The path is not of a legal form CRM 4.0

Hi All,
I am trying to install Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 for outlook and i get the following error when trying to choose the installation path:

"The path is not of a legal form"
The path is default "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM"

Has anyone ever experienced this before?
Thanks in advance,
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I ran into this same problem when doing an install of the Outlook client.  It tends to happen (in my experience) when trying to install the Outlook client on the same machine as the CRM Server.  In general, this is a "no no" - but we were doing this in order to setup a test environment.
The following blog post was somewhat helpful:  
Some differences between the blog post and what we actually had to do:
·         You will be looking for a registry item that starts with 059DD & the blog post is missing the leading zero.
·         Update the InstallPath to point to where CRM Server is already installed
·         Proceed with installation
·         If you specify the default path, you will get a message saying that client and server must be installed into separate directories.  Choose a new directory and it should go through without a problem.
vitsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the super fast reply and the solution. This worked a charm. I created a new directory in the program file group and installed it there after changing the reg key information.

Thanks again
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