Can not find active desktop HTML file.

We have a active directory domain with raoming profiles. One profile inpaticular is having this problem. He can log in for the first time on any machine and the profile creates and saves just fine. I even changed his desktop picture and it saved from log out to log in on the same PC.

When I try to log him into another PC it displays this message:
"Internet Explorer cannot find the Active Desktop HTML file. This file is needed for your Active Desktop.

To turn off Active Desktop, click OK."

What's even weirder about it, is that on the left side of the desktop it displays a white vertical bar with "Folder Tasks", "Other Places", and "Details" as if you were looking at the left side of an internet explorer window. I have never seen this happen before on a desktop.

I attached a printscreen of the desktop

Please help.
Thank you
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bntechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well I found the solution on my own through trial and error. I just turned off active desktop in the group policy setting and that seems to have solved the issue for now.
This behavior can occur if the Mshtml.dll file is missing or damaged, or if the registry entries for the Mshtml.dll file are missing or damaged.
You can read more about this and the solution here.
You might also consider running SFC SCANNOW.
If these fail to correct the issue you might consider deleting and recreating his profile (roaming) as it may be corrupted.
bntechAuthor Commented:
I have actually deleted this profile twice now. I deleted it off of both computers and off of the server. I then logged on to PC #1 and it created the profile and had no problems. I then logged on to PC #2 and thats when the active desktop error appears.

So I deleted the profiles and tried it in the reverse order. Same result.
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