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We have a mail server setup and the FQDN for the server is SERVERX.WINDOWSDOMAIN.LOCAL.  The server responds to port 25 SMTP requests with that name.  I would like to change it to respond with instead of the .local name.  The server is working and it is sending and receiving mail for "", but I think this change is necessary to help us with SPAM (we use ORF).  Is this change possible and how do I go about changing it?
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Raj-GTSystems EngineerCommented:
On Exchange System Manager, goto Server > Protocols > SMTP and view the properties of your SMTP Virtual Server. On the delivery tab select Advanced and you will see the FQDN value there to modify.

You can change the FQDN in the system manager.  In Administrative Groups, "The Administrative Group Containing your server", protocols, SMTP.  Right click on your virtual smtp server and select properties. On the delivery tab, click advanced and set the FQDN to whatever you like.
tganusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick answers folks!  Worked like a charm.  =)
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