Uncompresing all files and folders on the c:\ drive

I ran into a space problem a while ago and decided to compress the root drive c:\ of my windows 2003 server. I have fixed the issue and wanted to uncompressed all files and folders in the c:\ drive. I have used the compact /u c:\*.* /a /i /q command to uncompressed the files. This only allows me to uncompressed one folder at a time. How can I uncompressed everything in the c:\ drive with one command?
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Don't forget the /S switch:

 /S        Performs the specified operation on files in the given
           directory and all subdirectories.  Default "dir" is the
           current directory.
UbertamSenior TechnicianCommented:
I know how to decompress from GUI (at least it's always worked IME):

Open My Computer
Right click C: (or other) drive
Check "Compress this drive..."
Apply to subfolders/files.
When it starts, cancel it.
Uncheck "Compress this drive..."
Apply to subfolders/files.

Now it sends the uncompress command to all files and folders on the drive.
ipcipherAuthor Commented:
I did not see that. Thanks
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