How to Configure Crystal Enterprise Server to Use Other Email Server

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I am trying to schedule Crystal Reports to be sent to a particular email address.  I am setting this up for a report in the Central Management Console.  Unfortunately, I have received the following error: 'server error: CrystalEnterprise.Smtp'.  I believe this is because I need to have a SMTP service active on the server that is running InfoView.  I checked the services on that server, and did not see SMTP in the list. I am hoping I can configure that server to use the department's email server, and that the CE server will not need to run its own SMTP service.  Can this be done?  If so, where do I configure the CE server to use the department's email server?

Thank you for your help.
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ChoppConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I searched the knowledge base for further help on this issue and found reference to a PDF that provided me with the information that helped me to resolve my probelm.

Thank you, Chopp
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
What version of CE and what email service?

ChoppAuthor Commented:
I am using Crystal Reports 11 and 12, so I think the CE version I have is 11.  Or, where can I find the CE version?  As for the email service, I believe the department's email server is SMTP - is that what you mean by your question?  
In your CMC panel, select servers menu

It's the menu that allow you to see the list of services and their status.

Select destination server. you will be able to enable reports destinations: Email, FTP, Network folder.

If you select email, you will be able to enter a smtp server details, a port number, a "from" field as well as recipients list. You will be able to customize the email message as well.
There is no CE 11.  CE 11 was replaced with BO XI

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