Time Zones Change on a ADC and networked Computers

Hi All
It is a simple question/problem but i am unable to resolve it.
I need to set the timezones on 45 machine and 3 three servers to reflect the time zone GMT +1 without the daylight savings .
can someone tell me how can i do it through the GP as this users are in a different OU and i have a DC with me a ADC is already installed at the site which is connected through a VPN .
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mail2prabirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no setting that is directly available to set the time zone in group policy. But this can be done with a script set through a group policy linked to the domain/OU. Timezone.exe in the Windows 2003 resource kit can be used in the script.

See the related links:
Timezone.exe can be downloaded from:


The link below provides information on how to script the timezone.exe.
Please see the section "Use the Daylight Time Update Utility (Timezone.exe)"


Here is the link that helps to change the time zone using Visual Basic:


It is kind of a long read but it works...


sas51Author Commented:
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