Cisco 871 configuration

I have a cisco 871 router and i am having a couple of problems.
I have vlan 1 setup with
interface FastEthernet0
interface FastEthernet1
interface FastEthernet2
interface FastEthernet3
interface FastEthernet4
 description $ETH-WAN$
 ip address (static WAN IP here)
 duplex auto
 speed auto
interface Vlan1
 ip address
duplex auto
speed auto

I cannot ping the vlan address and the only thing i can access telnet or sdm is by the wan address.
Also how do i add a gateway for the wan address.
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jbristleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that config does not show vlan1 with any members.

for which ever port is physically connected to what you want van1 to be,
interface fa1
switchport access vlan 1

you can use two methods, depending on which ios load you have for routing: is your gateway ip
the simple one
ip default-gateway

or more complex
the text following name can be anything
ip route name DefaultRoute
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