Sharing resources on Vista computer remotely

Our office has a computer that stores all of our source code and client files.  It used to be an XP Pro machine with several folders 'Shared' to our employees.  Several of the employees work from their homes and used Hamachi to connect to the XP computer and map drives to the shares they need.

The XP computer crashed and we replaced it with a computer preloaded with Vista Home Premium.

I've got the users added and folders shared . . . and all of the in house users have access to the shared folders.

My question is this:  Is there a better way (than Hamachi) to get access to the remote users?

Thanks for your help.

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hamachi is probably one of the best solutions, it's free and you don't have to change anything on the routers. Another option would be teamviewer, which is something similar to logmein, but allows you to copy files from the remote PC to your local one and vice versa, all in the same product, and it is also free. The difference is that you have can't edit or view the file directly, you have to copy it first, while with hamachi you can map your remote drives and work directly on the file. But you can still work directly on the file using teamviewer using it's remote desktop feature. Another disadvantage of teamviewer is that only one PC can log in to it at a time, while with hamachi you can connect with multiple PC's at a time.
lthamesAuthor Commented:
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