Going from one video directly into the next

I want to create a page where the videos being featured flow from one video clip right into the next one. I can create the projector and the page fine, except for that dynamic similar to what they have on http://abc.go.com/. The pop up nav bar is cool, but it's not the priority. I just want my videos to continue playing one right after another.

Is there a stand alone app that I can purchase or is there some programming within CS4 that would make this happen?

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brucegustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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section25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't tested this, but I believe it should work.

import fl.video.*;
myVid.source = "<video name here>.flv";

myVid.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, vidEnd);
function vidEnd(evt:VideoEvent):void {
    trace("FLV has ended");
   // play next video
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