How do I compress the timeline in Microsoft Project

I have created a project that requires about a year.  I'd like to compress the timeline to finish in 3 months by assigning additional resources.  But I don't see how to accomplish that.  It would seem that I could say rather than 1 developer I could have 3 developers and it would recalculate the resource requirements and shorten the timeline.
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defi0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For each task, you can specify that each resource works more (or less) than 100%. For example, you can specify that the "developer" resource works 300% on a task, which is saying that 3 developers will work full time, simultaneously, on the task.
You can specify this information either in the resource column, by adding [300%] next to the resource name, or in the task details dialog box, in the resource tab.
You must also customize the global availability of your generic resources to specify how much they are available to your project. In the example above, you would specify that you have at least 3 "units" of your "developer" resource. You specify this in the resource details dialog box.
Don't forget, however, that in real life putting 3 developers to work in parallel on the same task will not always result in a proportional reduction in task duration...
marknicksAuthor Commented:
That worked well.  I appreciate the direction.
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