Trixbox basic installation problem. missing files.

Hello All, thanks in advance for any help with this.

I downloaded and burned the iso of trixbox version
I booted from CD onto the following machine;
Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz
200Gb HDD.
Basically a standard office PC.

I followed carefully all the instructions and did nothing other than a totally standard install.
I can see the machine on the network and login to it by http.

The problem is when I go to the admin section and enter the user:maint password:password; the system status window shows nothing in firefox, and 'This Page Cannot Be displayed' in IE6. There seems to be a lot of files missing!

I have reinstalled and checked different browsers on different PCs.
Having scanned the forums and internet for information I can't find anything that helps.

I have updated using yum, but still no luck.

Does anyone have any experience of this or have any useful ideas!!

Many thanks


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rettopyrrahConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK I solved this kind of. I installed on a different machine and it works fine. I think there must be some kind of hardware issue.

Thanks all the same.
James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
we had this: never did find fix, but i know we go to to to url/admin or url/maint and all ok.... i will post correct one tomorrow if that does help......

only other thing is a full install
rettopyrrahAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments, please do post more info tomorrow as suggested. It seems this isn't a common problem.
Also what do you mean by full install?
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
glad all ok

but i did suggest that? surely to should give some credit

re: url works for us
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